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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Everyday Apps for You From 7-25-12 Workshop

OK, ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it, so here is a partial list which will probably always be a work in progress!  This is a partial list of some of the apps that we used today (July 25, 2012) in our presentation.

Map Overlay - Social Studies, Economics, Geography, Foreign Language, Marketing
Animal Effects - Reading, Spelling, Ag. Science, Elementary Social Studies?
Sight Words - Reading, Spelling
Motivational Poster - Any subject area, any grade level
Missing Link - Spelling, English, Vocabulary, Dictionary Skills
Us Timeline - Social Studies, Research,
Sparkle Fish - Reading, Grammar, English, Math
Videolicious - Any subject area, any grade level - Be Creative!!!!
Story Lines - Any subject area, any grade level - Be Creative!!!!!
Translator Express - Foreign Language, classroom management
Shakespeare - English/language arts, Social Studies/History
Graphbook - Physics?, Geometry?
Epic Citadel - I think this could be used in a variety of classroom situations!  Be Creative!
Today's Doc - Social Studies/History
Letter Words - Vocabulary builder, Reading, Spelling
iPad Tips & Tricks - getting more familiar with your iPad.
Speak & Send
Mad Libs - Any subject
3D Brain - Science, Child Development
21 Flags - Social Studies
360 - photo app for 3D photography
SpiroDoodle - art, design
Creatures of LIght - Science
Apod - Science
Arounder - Social Studies, Foreign Langauge, Food Science
Sightwords Hangman
Sight Words Free
Magic Piano - Music, Theater, Choir, Band?
Guitar - Music, Choir, Theater, Band?
Flashcardlet - any subject
iFLIPchart - any subject

Apps to Find Free Apps!

App Hits - my favorite!
App Tracker
Apps Promo
HotAppFinder - my least favorite!

Here are some more free apps supplied to me by a co-worker:

Toddler Shapes
ABC Tracing
Timmy's Preschool Adventure
Phototouch Farm Animals
FarmSounds (this would be just silly fun for HS kids)
Cursive Practice

English Stuff:
The Raven
Quotes and More
Shake and Tell (subject/story starter)
Gardens of Time (create your own story)
Quotes wp
Blurb mobile
Novel Idea
Scribble Press

Other stuff:
The States
iTunes U
Pass the Past
JogNog (study helper)

The first list is the apps from my notes for our 7-25-12 workshop.  We will continue to update this list as time goes by.  Thanks for being so supportive of our efforts in education!

DISCLAIMER:  please remember, that we troll the free app applications often looking for new apps to share.  Apps are often free for a short period of time to showcase them and promote them, and then they will become a paid app again.  So, don't be upset with us if you go to get an app and it is no longer a free app.  I am starting a wish list with notifications turned on on Appshopper so I might be able to pick up some of the paid apps I like without having to pay for them!  After all, I am the original cheap skate!  Happy App Shopping!

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