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Welcome to my 'app' site! It is powered by Pam McGhee. I am a crazy chick who loves any type of technology...from iPads, Kindles to Android devices and in-between! Here I will list tips, tricks and ideas on how to use all this information in your classroom!

Friday, July 20, 2012

What were we thinking?

Welcome to our blog about technology in the classroom! We plan to focus mainly on iPads and Apps and how to use them in the classroom, but it will also include any ideas and suggestions that we come up with whether it be Apple, Android, or anything else that can help students learn.

After attending TCEA in Austin (Texas Computer Educator's Association) we decided that we needed to share the information that we found and we also realized that we had some good ideas of our own!

We decided that we would conduct a training for teachers this summer and that we could all learn something awesome while we were at it. Sooooo...we are busy getting ready for that inservice. I don't know about my partner in crime...but I am getting nervous!

We hope that you will find something here that will help you! Any comments, questions, ideas, tips, etc. are really appreciated!

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  1. Just a little PSA from your partner in crime: Sometimes when I am speaking, I am just as surprised as everyone else is with what has just slipped between my lips! So fair warning.........